Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Young boys to Godly Men (Review of Raising Boys By Design)

I have read similar books to this and have studied how to raise my boys biblically. Naturally this one had me curious because I have a young son of 7 who loves Jesus and while the Bible guides us, I wanted to see what the secular world was saying about how to raise boys as well. This book starts off with psychology and science and neither of those are biblical from my experience but there are many biblical principles in here as well that were helpful. I wont give spoilers but if you wish to combine biblical principles with modern day psychological influences, this is the book for you. If you're looking for strictly biblical upbringing, this won't do.
Read the book and make your own assumption but when in doubt about what is published, seek your Bible and God's Word for confirmation. 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Shopping Blog/Kroger Free Friday Downloads
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I use bzzagent to write reviews of products and keep getting opportunities to get more products to review for free. This is a great way to try new things without having to purchase everything you see without having to suck up the cost if you don't like it.

Currently I am in a 'campaign' titled, Kroger Free Friday Downloads. What does that mean? For those who have a Kroger Family store near them, you can create an account online and attain coupons from their stores, deals and various other types of savings like Fuel points, gift card points, and on Fridays, you can load a free item to your shopper's card.

This past Friday, I downloaded a high energy drink, this next Friday I will add another drink (Kroger decides, we just accept and load it), in the past I've gotten other things like Cheetos, sandwich spreads, hamburger helper and more.

You have a couple of weeks to get your item before the coupon expires as long as you log on Fridays and load your coupon. This week, I saved almost $10 with just the loaded coupons alone. My over all savings were 43% which is not bad when you've been use to spending hundreds of dollars at a time and suddenly you're just under a hundred because you've used Free downloads, other coupons and this week, 2x the fuel points.

It's a great program to look into and an even greater program to take advantage of :) ! Happy shopping at Kroger and may your Fridays be FREE!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

I am Blessed review for The Blessed Woman

For many, the Bible is hard to read because people find it difficult to bring ancient times into modern day realities. With this book, the author does just that. While God never changes, our circumstances do but we can still equate how God wants us to ‘walk’ in today’s times according to His promises.

The women of the Bible were far worse off than we were but they still held true to what God wanted them to be and do. I found this book easy to bring those tough and troubled dark journeys to include the fact that I AM a daughter of our Heavenly Father and I CAN survive this world’s ugly intentions toward me with the grace of God.

Ancient women served not only their modern day expectations but they have been an example for present expectations, trials and journeys as well. If you need a reminder of how to carry on, read this book!

I got this book free in exchange for my review from Waterbrook/Multnomah Publishing Group.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fast Read

I actually thought I had already posted a review of this book awhile back so I kept rereading it from time to time. It's that Good! It's a reminder that pride can get in the way of our views. The way we think we are viewed is sometimes distorted by our pride. We need to be humble about things and let's remember that pride IS a sin, so why would we not expect it to interfere with our lives?
Humble Orthodoxy pulls us back to a simpler way of thinking so that we can see situations more clearly. When we have other concerns or past experiences in our closest memories, we tend to ignore some of the more obvious things in front of us and we also tend to make more of things as well. We have a tendency to complicate our lives more than we should.
Biblical principles should be the only thing we base our lives on and forgiveness and clear minds should be automatic to us if we want to be best informed.
I got this book free in exchange for my review from Waterbrook/Multnomah Publishing Group.

Monday, April 8, 2013

One Nation, Under Attack

The concepts in this book are what so many Christians have been thinking about for years. The difference between our thoughts and this book are that once you actually see what you fear in writing, it becomes more of a reality for our future than just a theory.

The author is very well educated in our nation’s history and it struck me funny at first that it was from someone who was from Canada. While we border this country, this is proof that we are being watched by others around the world very closely and they are just waiting for us to fall. In fact, they are so confident of this upcoming doom for us that they are planning for it for more than our own president has ever shown interest in.

There are several attacks on Obama but this is nothing new for many Christians because no matter how much he states he is of the Christian faith, his actions definitely do not represent his love for Christ and his neighbor (at least not the neighbors in this country). The book does not focus on our current president alone, the author shows how many years of presidency have proven the Bible true to be leading to this point and gives interesting views of how we should pray about that.

I don’t believe praying for a recovery for our nation is as vital as praying for us as Christians to be able to handle what is in our future with the love of God in our hearts and spirits. Our nation is on the path of destruction; that is inevitable but how will we deal with it that brings glory to God? That’s an individual choice we have to take up with our Heavenly Father.

While I was angry at some of our history when it was placed right in my face, I enjoyed this book very much and highly recommend it to anybody who is curious about the United States’ role in biblical prophecy. We have ALWAYS been a part of God’s plan.

I received this book free in exchange of my honest review from Waterbrook/Multnomah Publishing Group.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Relentless Book Review

Relentless was inspiring, encouraging and instilled some safety from fears of the past. When you’re not sure how to accomplish something but know it needs to be done because God has placed it in your heart, this book gives you examples of people in Biblical times who have accomplished great things. You learn that trusting God to fulfill His will is more important to focus on than whether or not YOU can do it. It’s not you who do these great things but God who gives you the protection, strength and ultimate confidence to get them done.

With God’s empowerment, anything is possible, “I can do anything through Christ who strengthens me” Phil 4:13 is a great verse to carry through your life of doubt and insecurity. Read the book; see proof and past truths of how the Lord has made the unexpected person do exceptional tasks. It’s God given authority to accomplish the seemingly impossible!

This book was a free gift in exchange for my honest opinion of it provided by Waterbrook/Multnomah Publishing Group.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Trusting God book review

When I first received this book I thought, ‘oh great, just what the market needed, another devotional’. Yes, this is another devotional but it’s on a personal level with not only true life scenarios that we can relate to but by women who make you feel like their very best friends because they’re not afraid to open up to you. It’s hard to be candidly honest sometimes with strangers because we don’t want them to see our real inner selves and judge us for not believing at times, for not trusting and we want them to believe what we preach and that’s that we fully believe and trust in God in ALL circumstances of our lives. This book is done in a way unique to most devotionals with insights on what to pray, what we need to work on incorporating more of in our lives and scripture to back those insights up with. This book relates to actual testimonies and not just imaginary what if’s to propose for the various possibilities in our lives. I would say this book is a cross between how to trust God with our hearts, lives, families and futures and Chicken Soup for the ___ series. The stories are great as well as the grounding foundations of what the Bible tells us to hold close to us.

Well done ladies.

I received this book free in exchange of my honest review from Waterbrook/Multnomah Publishing Group.

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