Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What Now?

I'm not good at journaling, but I've always wished I would have saved certain memories in print somewhere. Where better to attempt this than here? I'd love to have my own circle of people who can relate to me once in awhile but I know that's unlikely to happen, at least not for awhile anyway. This gives me plenty of time to practice spewing out my feelings in an open atmosphere where the audience is nearly non-existent.
Anyhow, here I am, praying that some of my most favored moments will be captured here to share with others and eventually engage my children and family in while we laugh together at the past. In order to create a 'past', I must have take part in a present and look forward to the future.

Many blessings to all who come to share with me! Feel free to jump in anytime.



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