Monday, January 31, 2011

So I had this thought...

You know, when you're in the midst of an argument, the last thing you feel like doing is being 'godly', right? I mean, it's what we're suppose to do, but ideally, if we were able to do that, we wouldn't be in the deep weeds we're currently in; let's be realistic here. I want to be able to communicate amicably with my husband, I want to have every minute of our day blistful, but it's not always like that. None of us would be here if it were, so I don't feel so bad knowing I'm not alone in my sin.
However, usually, after we've said all kinds of mean things to each other, we KNOW in our hearts that we were part of the problem, sometimes more so than the solution (if we're completely honest with ourselves anyway and God knows what's in our hearts even when we don't want to admit it). So I had this thought... What if after we've regained some of our senses and have wrestled with the guilt, we searched a concordance and found all the words we thought we were displaying during that time? For instance, I may have been selfish, stubborn, arrogant, or whatever, and we searched the gospel for relating passages and prayed about them in our confession to God? I'm going to try it next time. I hope someone out there tries it with me and shares how it made them feel (once somebody realizes I'm here ;-) ).
How's this for honesty? He was sleeping when I snuck my laptop in here and started clacking away at midnight 30 and when he rolled over to see what I was doing, I was rude... what kind of example am I to the none of you? lol.. oh geez.. I've got so much to learn! I will log off and apologize to him, how's that?
Have a good night, I just wanted to jot this down before the thought turned into dust with so many of the other things going on in my head when I don't document them.
May God give you dreams of beautifulness my blessed friends.

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