Monday, September 17, 2012

The God I Never Knew

I was excited about reading the book. When I first started, I got into the book right away and read some great truths that were scripturally sound and backed by the gospel. This is always a great way to get the attention of believers in Christ and even more so of believers of the Holy Trinity.

For those struggling about the Holy Trinity, this book is great because it clarifies in the second half some of what the author is trying to explain in the first half of the book. If you are a mature believer, this book may seem a bit elementary because these are things we learn in our community life groups as you grow in your faith.

This is an excellent book to give to those who may be new believers as well as those who don’t fully understand the role of the Holy Spirit. The Lord, Jesus Christ tells us that when He left the disciples before His crucifixion, we would be left with a helper that would dwell with/in us and people of that time didn’t know what He meant. This book explains that ‘helper’ and how the relationship with the Spirit can benefit us.

I received this book free in exchange of my honest review from Waterbrook/Multnomah Publishing Group.

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