Friday, January 6, 2012

Bad Girls of the Bible Book Review

Variety of authors/readers and approaches to particular subjects as well as learning styles is what makes the need for so many diverse types of writings. This book was not my first choice of style in biblical lessons or stories.  I liked the overall final points of the message the author was pushing in her book. However, the style is what kind of made the book hard to finish for me.

There is a certain amount of humor in books that is tolerable and that was OK, but the fiction ratio to non-fiction was just strange. I realize not every book will please every person so please understand that this is just my personal opinion. I have known other people whom have highly recommended this book to me personally and they absolutely loved the “refreshingly not-so-serious approach” to God’s Word. I suppose I’m just stuffy in that respect where either we are going to do some light reading without whole truth or with some humor and make believe or what-if scenarios or we are going to set aside intentional time to dig and dive deep into scripture to seek truth in the Word. Mixing the two approaches so frequently wasn’t comfortable for me.

I suggest this book for light reading approaches or those who need those periodic breaks from core digging. While this book offers a lot of help, means for studying and includes truth from God’s Word, it is outweighed by opinion and fantasy. Other authors do very well when they balance the two approaches but I will stick to one or the other when I choose books in the future.

On the positive, the stories were entertaining and did raise a few chuckles out of me. She is an excellent writer! The downfall was my own inability to transition my train of thoughts as easily as others may be able to from levels of seriousness and I had to put the book down to make those transitions too frequently for my liking.

The Waterbrook/Multnomah Publishing Group provided this book free for my review.

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Diane said...

This sounds like an interesting book. thanks for the great review. Hugs and have a great weekend! :O)

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