Tuesday, November 29, 2011

As Silver Refined - Book Review

Kay Arthur never fails to push her readers through
scripture. She is extremely in-depth when she describes her interpretations of
what the Bible is speaking to her. If you’re looking for a book that glosses
over how to get through your problems in life with a cheery, ‘everything is
going to be ok’ attitude, this is not your book! This book does not sugar coat
anything, on the contrary, this book speaks truth to what God promises and how
to accept things as God’s will. This
book is a guide that helps to recognize our part in something and how to use
God’s promises to bring us to a place of acceptance and to move forward when
things appear out of control or overwhelming.
I love Kay’s boldness, her honesty, candid approach to
delivering truth and love of other people. This book is filled with
encouragement in many forms that we are not alone; it’s a choice to be in the
frame of mind we are in. We know God has made many promises to keep us safe and
close to Him. Kay brings those promises to life and gives us hope through her
own experiences, stories of others and how the Lord has worked in their lives.
I used the digital copy of this book but will be purchasing hard copies for my
friends and family this Christmas season! Enjoy the book, I will be reading it
received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this

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